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Changing Paper Colors

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This tip works on any version of Photoshop including Elements. Similar programs will do similar things.

One of the greatest things about digital scrapbooking is you can easily change the colors of any digital papers or elements you have to match your pictures.

Change Colors

If you have Photoshop Elements:
Use the color picker (eyedropper tool) to pick the color you want your paper to change to. Make sure the top square in your toolbox (the foreground color) is the right color you want then choose Enhance>Adjust Color>Hue Saturation

You will get a pop-up box like the one below. Click and preview (or simply make sure those boxes are checked) and like magic it's done. Instead of checking colorize you could also ove the sliders around until you get the color you like. Colorize helps you get a more exact color.


If you have the full version of Adobe Photoshop:
you can customize your colors even more by choosing Image>Adjustments>Match Color. This will help you change an embellishment or paper to the same color as other files you have open. When you get the pop-up box shown in the next image choose the drop down menu we have circled. This will show you all of the other files you have open on your screen. Choose one of those files and the current file you have selected should change to the same or similar color.

Match Color

Let me explain this again in a different way. Open up two files. One of the files should be the paper or embellishment you want to change and the other file should be of a color you want to match. It doesn’t have to be a solid color. Make sure the file you want to change the color of is selected then as mentioned before choose Image>Adjustments>Match Color. Select the drop down menu for the source (under Image Statistics) and find the file you want to match to.

These instructions probably won’t make sense until you try it on your own. If it doesn’t work the first time try something else. Try it several times until you can see how it works. You’ll love it.