Digital Scrapbook Memories

Setting Up Your Workspace

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This tip works on any version of Photoshop including Elements. Similar programs will do similar things.


Set your workspace up as shown below. It's not necessary you do this but I think it will make digital scrapbooking much easier for you. The palettes shown below are the ones you will use the most for digital scrapbooking. You can drag palettes around the screen by clicking and dragging the bar at the top of each one. You can make a palette bigger or smaller by hovering over the bottom of the palette until you see the curser change to a double up and down arrow then click and drag to the size you want.

If you can't see the palletes shown above on your screen go to Window then click on each of the palettes you are missing. The palette should pop up. I would recommend putting your colors on the top right side, the History Palette in the middle and the Layers Palette on the bottom of your screen. If you have Elements and the palette doesn't pop up it may be because it's already at the top of your screen. Look through the file folder tabs on the top right of your screen. It should be there. When you find it click and drag it down to where you want it.

Color Palette
Chose new colors here or click on the foreground color in your Toolbox.

Tip: You can use the eyedropper tool to select the colors you like in your pictures. Click on the little box at the bottom of the colors palette (next to the trash can) to save that color as a new swatch.

History Palette
Ok, if you are not currently using the history palette when you scrapbook start now! This is an awesome feature Adobe Photoshop has. You can go back and forth in your history as many as 999 times. If you go back in your history then you decide you didn’t want to just click on the last step to get you where you were again. Be careful though… if you go back in history then create a new step all the steps that used to be below that one will be gone. Try it!

Tip: Create a new document that looks exactly like what you have been working on by clicking on the little square icon at the bottom of the history palette. You’ll know which one it is because when you hover over it – it will say something about a new document. The name is different for this in different versions of Photoshop. If you are working in Elements you may have to click Image (in the drop-down menus) then duplicate image.

Layers Palette
If you are not familiar with layers read this. You’ll find once you learn layers you will love scrapbooking on the computer.